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Animal Wars: Larva vs Beetle

Published on 09 Jul 2018 / In Pets & Animals

A white larva climbs up a plant stem and is confronted by a swarm of red leaf beetles. Using a range of close combat tactics such as kicking, blocking and pushing, the beetles attempt to drive away the intruder. After putting up a hard fight, they slowly regain control of their territory and the battered larva is forced into retreat.

[0:06 - 0:10] Beetle (A) notices the presence of an intruder, and climbs on top of it. Using its pair of mandibles, Beetle (A) snaps at the larva's front body and tries to stop it from advancing forward. [0:12 - 0:22] Beetle (A) stomps the larva's head and turns around to block the intruder's path. Beetle (A) holds onto its position while a teammate climbs up the plant stem to provide assistance. [0:29 - 0:37] Beetle (A) keeps its hind leg on the larva's body while Beetle (B) grabs the larva by the head. [0:46 - 1:20] Beetle (B) attempts to push its opponent to the ground with its bodyweight. The trapped larva barely manages to stay put and appears to be losing the fight just as Beetle (B) walks away to conserve energy. After scanning its environment, the larva fails to find food and decides to retreat. [1:21 - 1:29] Beetle (B) sends the intruder scrambling downward with a third and final push.

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